Troubleshoot Webhooks

Solutions for issues you might encounter while using webhooks with Armory Continuous Deployment-as-a-Service.


401 status code

In the UI, you see a Received non-200 status code: 401 error.

Why this happens

You pass invalid credentials.


Check that your GitHub access token is valid.

404 status code

404 Not Found: [{"message":"Not Found","documentation_url":""}]

Why this happens

This is a confusing error that occurs when you do not send authorization credentials in the header.


Make sure you include your GitHub token in the request header.

- key: Authorization
  value: token  {{secrets.github_personal_access_token}}

Failed to fetch access token

level=fatal msg="failed to fetch access token, err: no credentials set or expired. Either run armory login command to interactively login, or add clientId and clientSecret flags to specify service account credentials"

You may see this error when you are using Secrets in a reusable workflow.

Why this happens

The reusable workflow does not automatically inherit Secrets from the caller worklow.


You need to explicitly configure your reusable workflow to inherit Secrets. See the GitHub docs for details.

Webhook process runs for a long time

Why this happens

The call to your action wasn’t successful or your workflow didn’t trigger the callback.


Check your repo to see if your action is also still running.

  • If the action hasn’t started, the call to your action wasn’t successful. The UI should display an error message with a non-200 HTTP return code when the webhook process times out. In the meantime, check your deployment file to make sure the following fields have the correct values:

    • uriTemplate
    • networkMode and optionally agentIdentifier
    • event_type in the inline body template

    If you find an error, cancel your deployment before fixing and redeploying.

  • If your GitHub action workflow has completed, your workflow failed to trigger the callback to Armory CD-as-a-Service. Check GitHub’s Monitoring and troubleshooting workflows for troubleshooting suggestions.

Last modified July 28, 2023: (3f5e759)