Troubleshoot Role-Based Access Control

Solutions for issues you might encounter while using RBAC in Armory Continuous Deployment-as-a-Service.

User sees blank Deployments screen

User sees the Deployments screen with no deployments.

Why this happens

The user doesn’t have an RBAC role. This happens when:

  • The Organization Admin didn’t create any RBAC roles.
  • The Organization or Tenant Admin didn’t assign an existing role when inviting the user.
  • The Organization or Tenant Admin deleted a role and didn’t assign a new role to affected users.

Organization Admin is a system role. CD-as-a-Service automatically assigns that role to the user who creates a new CD-as-a-Service organization. That role is not auto-assigned to anyone else in the organization. You can, however, assign the Organization Admin role to anyone you invite.


  • The user doesn’t have the correct SSO groups assigned in your company’s SSO provider.
  • The Organization or Tenant Admin didn’t create an RBAC role that corresponds to the SSO group. The CD-as-a-Service RBAC role name must be identical to the SSO group name.


Last modified October 31, 2023: (861ae83)