Manifests Config

Declare the path to the Kubernetes manifests to use for your deployment. You can also specify manifests per deployment target.


  # Directory containing manifests
  - path: /path/to/manifest/directory
    targets: ["<targetName1>", "<targetName2>"]
  # Specific manifest file
  - path: /path/to/specific/manifest.yaml
    targets: ["<targetName3>", "<targetName4>"]


The path to a manifest file that you want to deploy or the directory where your manifests are stored. If you specify a directory, such as /deployments/manifests/configmaps, Armory CD-as-a-Service reads all the YAML files in the directory and deploys the manifests to the target you specified in targets.


(Optional). If you omit this option, the manifests are deployed to all targets listed in the deployment file. A comma-separated list of deployment targets that you want to deploy the manifests to. Make sure to enclose each target in quotes. Use the name you defined in targets.<targetName> to refer to a deployment target.

Last modified July 28, 2023: (3f5e759)