Deployment Config File Reference

The deployment config file is where you configure your app for deployment by Armory CD-as-a-Service. This config file includes application, deploymentConfig, targets, manifests, strategies, analysis, webhooks, and trafficManagement definitions.

Application Config

Define your app name.

Deployment Config

Customize your CD-as-a-Service deployment’s behavior.

Targets Config

Declare your deployment targets: account, namespace, and strategy to use. Configure target constraints such as dependsOn, beforeDeployment, and afterDeployment with pause, webhoook, an analysis conditions.

Manifests Config

Declare the path to the Kubernetes manifests to use for your deployment. You can also specify manifests per deployment target.

Strategies Config

Declare your deployment strategies. You can use blue/green, canary, or both. Restrict by target environment. Add constraints.

Analysis Config

Declare the queries used to analyze a deployment for any analysis steps. Includes defaultMetricProviderName and queries (name, upperLimit, lowerLimit, queryTemplate).

Webhooks Config

Declare webhooks that call external automation for webhook-based approvals in your strategies.

Traffic Management Config

Declare Istio or Linkerd traffic management. Configure activeService and previewService. You can restrict traffic management to a specific deployment target.

Last modified July 20, 2023: (37290cf)