Create and Reference Secrets

Use secrets to integrate Armory CD-as-a-Service with external systems and tools.

Secrets in CD-as-a-Service

A CD-as-a-Service secret is not the same as Client Credentials. You create Client Credentials so your Remote Network Agent can connect to CD-as-a-Service. You create a secret when you want to integrate external tools such as a metrics provider or GitHub automation using webhooks. For example, you can store the API key from New Relic to run New Relic queries during a canary strategy.

Create a secret

Follow these steps to create a secret:

  1. Log into the CD-as-a-Service Console.
  2. Click the Secrets tab.
  3. Click New Secret.
  4. Fill in the Name and Value fields. Use a descriptive name.

You use the name to reference the secret in the CD-as-a-Service Console or in your app’s deployment file.

Once created, a secret’s raw value cannot be retrieved through Armory’s API, UI, or CLI.

Reference a secret

Armory CD-as-a-Service uses mustache template syntax to reference secrets.

Only variable tag types are supported.

You can reference a secret in any input field in the CD-as-a-Service Console or in the deployment config file.

Reference a secret with a secrets. prefix followed by the secret’s name. For example, if your secret is named prod-cluster-token, you can reference it in a form field or the deployment config file YAML DSL as {{ }}.

Last modified August 4, 2023: (e31a037)