Create an Armory IAM Role for AWS Lambda Deployment

Create the Armory IAM Role that CD-as-a-Service assumes when it deploys your AWS Lambda function.

Before you begin

Make sure you have installed the CD-as-a-Service CLI, which you use to load the AWS Cloud Formation template into your AWS Account.

Create the Armory IAM role

In order to deploy AWS resources, CD-as-a-Service needs to create a Trust Relationship in your AWS account by adding an IAM role. CD-as-a-Service assumes this role to execute deployments on your behalf. The Armory CLI provides a function that creates an AWS CloudFormation Stack with an IAM Role, by default named ArmoryRole. You need to create a Stack in each AWS Account you want to deploy your AWS Lambda functions to.

  1. In your default browser, log in to your AWS Account. You must have permissions to configure IAM roles.

  2. In your terminal, execute the following:

    armory aws create-role

    Type Y in the terminal to continue with Stack creation. This opens your browser to the CloudFormation page of your AWS Console. You complete the rest of this process in your browser.

  3. Review the resources that CD-as-a-Service is creating in your AWS account. The default IAM Role name is ArmoryRole.

  4. Click Create on the AWS CloudFormation page and wait for Stack creation to finish.

  5. After the CloudFormation Stack creation finishes, locate the created role ARN in the Outputs section. You can find it under the key RoleArnOutput. Make note of the ARN since you use it in your deployment config file.

Last modified November 27, 2023: (803ecce)