Deployment Overview

Learn what an Armory CD-as-a-Service deployment is and how it works - strategies (blue/green, canary) and constraints for deploying your app to your target Kubernetes clusters.

Create a Deployment Config File

Create a config file to deploy your app to your Kubernetes cluster using CD-as-a-Service.

Canary and Blue/Green Deployment Strategies

In this section, learn about canary and blue/green deployment strategies for deploying your app to Kubernetes using Armory Continuous Deployment-as-a-Service.

Add New Context Variables at Deploy Time

Add new context variables from the command line or in the Armory CD-as-a-Service GitHub Action. CD-as-a-Service injects these variables into your canary analysis and webhook triggers.

Deploy an App Using Client Credentials

Use the CLI to deploy an app using CD-as-a-Service machine to machine credentials.

Monitor Deployments

Monitor the status of your CD-as-a-Service deployments and approve or roll back deployments. View information such as deployment status, pull request lineage, deployment triggers, and target details.

Preview a Deployed Service

Preview a deployed service by configuring a temporary preview link for testing.


In this section, learn how to use Argo Rollouts with CD-as-a-Service. Also, learn how CD-as-a-Service implements Horizontal Pod Autoscaling when it’s part of your deployment.

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